Reality Check (10th)

As noted in Reality Check (9th), Masaru Emoto, a Japanese alternative healer, once decided to speak a specific word or short phrase into a container of distilled water, freeze a drop of it, then photograph the resulting ice crystal.

This week we note the equally creative things he did with cooked rice. ¹

I quote:  …we put cooked rice in three glass jars, and to one of the jars we said “Fool!”  To another we said “Thank you.”  And we simply ignored the rice in the third jar.  The rice that was told “Fool!” darkened and rotted.  The rice that was told “Thank you” fermented and had quite a nice fragrance.  The rice that was ignored turned black and emitted a highly repugnant smell.

However, that’s not the end of the story.  I took these same jars of rice to an elementary school, and the students said Thank you” to the rice in all three containers.  It wasn’t long before the rice in all three containers fermented and started to emit a pleasant smell—even the rice that had spoiled.

His conclusion:  “This indicates that even that which is dying and decaying can be brought back to life by caring attention, kind words, and positive thoughts.”  ¹

Care to experiment on yourself ?

¹ Masaru Emoto in The Secret Life of Water  ISBN 978-1-4165-2218-8

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