Reality Check (9th)

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese alternative healer, once decided to speak a specific word or short phrase to a container of distilled water, freeze a drop of it, then photograph the resulting ice crystal. ¹

If this sounds bizaare, consider the results.

Into separate containers he spoke a word or short phrase.

Words such as love, happiness, peace, or a phrase such as thank you, (this one in several languages, by the way), produced beautifully symmetrical ice crystals.

Words such as hate, war, or phrases such as you idiot produced unbalanced or even grotesquely misshapen crystals.

Apparently the energy of specific words is absorbed and held by water.

Our bodies are 70% water.

A recording of our voices sounds different from what we hear naturally. The recording device “hears” what’s transmitted through the air. Our ears, on the other hand, hear a blend of vibrations transmitted internally through our skulls as well as through the air.

If the energy of our speech vibrates through our skulls, it’s certain it vibrates in some of the water of our bodies. If retained, with what effect on our health, sanity, and longevity?

Draw your own conclusions.

¹  Masaru Emoto in The Secret Life of Water, ISBN 978-1-4165-2218-8

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