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Ancestors (3rd)

Our Ancestors—Safe When They Walk The Streets Of Our Minds?

Most of us believe we’re much more “advanced” than our “crude” ancient ancestors.

In my opinion we’re quite unnecessarily self-congratulatory—consider this simple chart:

Ancient Classical Elements

Fire                          Air                      Water                 Earth

Modern Physics—States of Matter

Plasma                     Gas                    Liquid                  Solid

Modern Earth Science

Magnetosphere      Atmosphere      Hydrosphere      Geosphere

We’re quick to point out what we know that our ancient ancestors didn’t know.

Nevertheless, the above chart suggests that, while none of them would qualify for a job at NASA, they were far from ignorant and could be brought up to speed faster than we might think.

After they added our store of knowledge to theirs, (some of which we have lost, forgotten, disregarded, or mocked), would teaching then be strictly one-sided?

When considering the abilities and achievements of our forefathers and mothers, is it fitting to approach the subject predisposed to arrogance and smug self-assurance, or with respect and humility?


Technology (1st)

The potential offered to young students by libraries of printed books is the ability to select a bookshelf at random, to open any book found thereon to any page, and to be astounded by the life-changing discovery of a totally new branch of knowledge, a new teacher, or a new world.

Neither web nor hyperlinks can offer such an experience.

With such potential being lost with the electrification of libraries, its obvious that technology is no unalloyed blessing.