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Deed Registration – Doggie Style

Are We Much Different From Our Pets?

Dad was typical of thousands of men:  He worked hard at his job, brought home the bacon, and made regular mortgage payments to keep his house and the land on which it stood.  As commonly understood, he was “getting somewhere.”  He was “successful.”

One summer afternoon I realized that Punky, the family dog, was, by the same criteria, even more successful than Dad.  Now, we all lived in the same comfortable house, ate good food regularly, and so forth.

But the dog, employing a different method of deed registration, owned a good deal more land than Dad.  She owned all of our yard, big pieces of our neighbors’ yards to the left and the right, about 2/3 of a block of public roadway, and generous slices of the yards of our neighbors who lived across the street.

How did she do it?  Having no problem with the humanity who lived in the houses on these various lots, she simply beat the hell out of other animals who trespassed on her domain.  (We might call this the “fang-and-claw” method of deed registration.)

The point is that much of what we humans do with our lives, is, barring the complexity of our activities, not so different from what animals do.  Yet we feel, no—we’re sure we’re better than the animals.   Are we?  Is life hierarchical, with human beings at the top of the pyramid and the Almighty above that?  Or is life a great circle, with the Almighty, however you understand Him/Her, at the center, and every creature on the same level?  Can you find anything in history, sacred literature, or tradition(s), to support the latter idea?

What is implied by the idea of a Great Circle of Life, with no creature any “further away” from the Almighty than any other?  Would this “equality” increase or decrease our peace, or power?  Would seeing life this way change our behavior?  How?

What do you think?

We All Save String.

A Partial List of Strings, With Commentary.

Authorities, the facts of life, duties, obligations, common sense, the powers that be, scientific truth, tradition, loyalty, allegiance, oaths, superstitions, nationality, political party, race, religion, tribe, our status as human beings, our sexual polarity, our family, social rank, job, system of etiquette, environment, ancestors—-we all acknowledge some combination of these things every day of our lives, mostly by paying our respects, doing our duty, discharging our obligations, and, unthinkingly, by accepting the limitations imposed on our freedom of thought, word, and deed by the same.

So, from one point of view, we live life with many such “strings attached”.  Lots of us wouldn’t feel comfortable if all the strings were suddenly cut away.  We literally wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves.  Is it only because we have come to define ourselves as being merely the sum total of our strings?

Is it realistic to want to live life with “no strings attached?”  Is it sane or insane to ask that question?  Aren’t some strings at least somewhat beneficial some of the time?

What are we without our strings?

What were we before we had strings attached?  What were our capabilities?

Have you ever thought about yourself in this way?