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Conspiracy theories

A Public Service Post

Conspiracy theorists among our co-workers or family members can be challenging to deal with.

We gain nothing by direct attacks on their beliefs.

On the contrary, in defense of their beliefs they become ever more deeply entrenched  therein.

What good does that do?

Click on the link below for access to a thorough discussion of polite ways and means of dealing with conspiracy theories and theorists:


Ref: Covid19, Flu, And Similar Annoyances

Concerning The Effectiveness Of Masks

This sign, displayed in a local food store, seems worthy of consideration:

” A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analysis of the flu indicates

that if 50% of the population uses a mask, virus transmission would be cut in half.

If 80% of the population uses a mask, the virus would essentially be eliminated. ¹

¹ (Yang, Jin, et al. Modeling the Effectiveness of Respiratory Protective Devices in Reducing Influenza Outbreak.

Wiley Online Library, Risk Analysis, 19 September, 2018, onlinelibrary wiley.com/do/full/10 1111/nsa13181.)

For a  thorough discussion of masks, with no hype, see the following: