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Weather and Politics (1st)

On this blog posts normally go live at the moment Tuesday miraculously becomes Wednesday, a.k.a. midnight.

The recent weather crisis mandated other activity, such as exerting oneself mightily to avoid being transformed into a human Popsicle—hence no post last week.

Being once more in grateful possession of electricity, warmth, and potable water, I find my thoughts turning to consideration of just how this crisis unfolded.

Similar considerations are no doubt running riot through the minds of other citizens, particularly relatives of anyone who froze to death.

Before we go into that, respectful acknowledgement is due to linemen who worked sixteen-hour shifts, day after day, in brutally punishing cold.

That job is so everlastingly dangerous that one can never get comfortable with it.

One absent-minded false move and someone, maybe several someones, are literally fried.

No matter how tired and cold linemen may be, they must be fully aware of what is to be done, and how safely to do it, step by careful step.

If that’s not enough of a burden, linemen must deal tactfully with public reaction.

It’s not all bad.

Some folks politely offer them cookies and hot coffee.

Some offer beer.  <−−− ???  Of all things not to offer a lineman… 

Some cheer them on yelling “Thank you!”

Others abuse them.  “What the hell took you so long to get here, you m*therf*ckers!?”

Linemen are good guys in this crisis.

Who might be the bad guys?

Maybe nobody.  There’s a difference between being truly malicious and being dangerously naive.

More later.


In John Ruskin’s book, (published 1884), The Storm Cloud Of The Nineteenth Century, “…He warned of the environmental pollution that threatened nature with black skies, grimy landscapes, and eroded glaciers.  He thought it was a reflection of a society that placed money over humanity and nature.  This was ignored then.  Perhaps now we will take note.”    —The Guardian, Australia edition, 01/02/2020

“I’ll never understand why some people somehow support pollution.  It’s completely irrational.  I don’t get it.  Somewhere along the line they bought into this fiction that one has to choose between the environment and business, which is a complete falsehood and absurd.”    —Steven Van Zandt

These days…

It seems many people don’t understand the difference between “weather” and “climate change.”

Recently I found a simple explanation.

Weather may be likened to mood.  Short term.  Highly changeable.

Climate is like personality.  Long term.  Much more stable.  Changes happen slowly.

The overall climate can demonstrate periodic, brief, extreme weather events.

Hope that helps.