Reality Check (13th)

In the early 20th century, a couple traveling by car on a rural road discovered that they were about to run out of gasoline.

At that time, gas stations were few and far between unless you lived in a city.

One could travel for miles without seeing a house, and telephone service in rural areas was spotty at best.

The situation they faced was thus fairly serious.

They decided to practice what they had learned in lessons offered by a metaphysical school to the effect that “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.”

They held steadily to the thought that “Divine order is at work in our lives, bringing forth perfect results in perfect timing.”

They drove on. And on and on. The gas gauge reached empty.

It stayed there.

As we say, the car was running on fumes, and continued to do so long after anyone could reasonably believe there was still gasoline in the fuel tank.

Eventually they reached a gas station and weren’t surprised to find that their fuel tank was empty.

Having refilled their tank, they finished their journey, resolving to tell their metaphysical school teacher about their successful demonstration of the power of right thought.

The teacher smiled, was silent for a moment, and then asked, “Why did you stop?”

The couple had an experience of higher consciousness.

For a time they were free of the limitations of mortal thought regarding quantities and values.

The sight of the gas station triggered their old beliefs and habits of thought, and they jumped right back to a lower level of consciousness.

Anyone sincerely walking a spiritual path will sooner or later have experiences of higher consciousness.

This is only to be expected.

The trick is to become stable in that higher consciousness.

“Excellence is not a gift given but a skill perfected. The key is self-discipline.”

Quotation from a motivational poster seen in a variety store

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