Reality Check (6th)

Thought Is The Only Cause

Paradigm-shattering experiments published in peer-reviewed journals reveal that we’re bathed in a field of intelligent energy that fills what used to be thought of as empty space.

Additional discoveries show beyond any reasonable doubt that this field responds to us—it rearranges itself—in the presence of our heart-based feelings and beliefs.  And this is the revolution that changes everything.

            —Greg Braden, author of The Spontaneous Healing Of Belief

Note that we needn’t do anything to “get a reaction” from The Field.

We don’t have to be initiated into any particular religious tradition.

We need no incense, virgins, pigs, sheep, cash, or other offerings.

The reaction to our feelings, beliefs and actions is perpetual, automatic, unconditional.

At this point let me say that, (however much it may seem to be the case), debunking religion(s) is not my purpose.

Let’s reconsider the following quotation, mentioned in Reality Check (4th):

“Moment by moment The Almighty, (The Field?), is taking shape in your life according to the exact pattern of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.”

            —Various Sources

It would seem that sincere belief in, say, African shamanism, or Tibetan Buddhism, or Evangelical Christianity, or Wicca, or literally in anything whatsoever, elicits the same unconditional response from The Field, as described above.

The Field doesn’t judge our beliefs.  It makes them manifest in our lives.


“Prayer” might be defined as holding in mind the thought one wants to see manifested in one’s life. ¹

“Unconditionally” implies any thought—any thought at all.

So for good or ill. . .

Be Careful What You ‘Pray’ For – You Just Might Get It. ²

More on  this later.

Personal comments follow.

¹ Once while reading a treatise on so-called “white” magick I came upon this quote:  “The most powerful part of any magickal system is the trained mind of the operator.

It seems there is no “white” or “black” magick—just persons with trained, persisting minds, selecting desired outcomes for good or ill, and using psycho-dramas, aka “spells” to tell The Field what they want.

Magick, per se, is then rather like a hammer. One can use a hammer to make toys or to commit murder.  The hammer remains neutral.  It’s not “white” or “black”.  But the motive of the one who uses it might be so described.

So too the human mind.  Its seemingly unbreakable link to The Field renders it omnipotent for good or ill.  But what of consequences?

Ancient wisdom warns that one cannot serve anyone anything without serving one’s self the exact same thing.  Every major religion says this in some way.  All our greatest saints and sages subscribe to this idea.  A student once asked Confucius for a one-word definition of all morality.  He replied with a question:  “A one-word definition of all morality…would it not be “reciprocity?”  Reciprocity = put out what you want to take back.  Possession of a human mind is a great privilege.

Equally true it’s a great responsibility.  

² Title of a book by Larry Dossey, M.D.  ISBN 0 – 06 – 251434 – 2

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