Reality Check (1st)

So Who’s Crazy?

We have minds full of beliefs our greatest saints and sages rejected on their march to perfection.

We see the world as separate from us, functioning outside us, and capable of working us great help or harm, and that unpredictably.

We see ourselves as pathetically vulnerable, and obliged to compete for scarce means to live.

Pressured by our need to survive, we pass our lives in “quiet desperation,” believing that “life’s a bitch and then you die.”

To us, this is a sane view.

To our greatest saints and sages, we are having a horrendous nightmare from which we can eventually awaken.

Their advice seems patently impractical, even ludicrous, but we human beings are far too opportunistic a species to throw out something useful.

And it’s the fact that we have carefully preserved the advice of our greatest saints and sages that should lead us to be suspicious of that mindset that we label “common sense”, or “sanity.”

More on this later.

3 thoughts on “Reality Check (1st)

    1. fezziwigg Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Please judge the message, not the messenger. If you care to read follow-up posts on the same topic, it may be that your question will be answered to your satisfaction.

      1. Archon's Den

        ….And it would have been so easy to just answer the question, “Are you a believer?” I sense some understandable reluctance – though I’m still not sure from which direction.
        I’ll dive in first. I am Not. It is difficult to judge the message, when I don’t know exactly what it was. This is usually the mark of the Religious. Atheists tend to be a bit clearer. ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ™‚

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