Ancestors (1st)

Their “Toolbox” Contains Useful Surprises

A while ago western scientists and Tibetan Buddhist monks somehow found themselves in discussion of quantum physics.

Though dealing with a considerable communications problem they got down to business.

The physicists thought they would be bringing backward monks up to speed.

They were astounded to realize the monks, who had never attended a modern university, and had no other access to training in modern math or science, nevertheless had  a grasp of quantum physics and thought it no big deal that they did.

Well, how?


The knowledge came from within—through meditation.  All faiths have a meditation tradition, but a specific religious orientation isn’t prerequisite to practice.

Our ancestors, it seems, learned much by “going inside”.  Through the centuries it has been said repeatedly that within each of us there exists a “living book of revelation”, constantly available.

All we have to do is learn to quiet the mind.  ¹

The possibilities are endless.

¹  For a simple, non-sectarian introduction to one type of meditation, check out 8 Minute Meditation,  by Victor Davich, listed on my Reading List page.


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