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We All Save String.

A Partial List of Strings, With Commentary.

Authorities, realities, the facts of life, duties, obligations, common sense, the powers that be, scientific truth, tradition, loyalty, allegiance, oaths, superstitions, nationality, political party, race, religion, tribe, our status as human beings, our sexual polarity, our family, social rank, job, system of etiquette, environment, ancestors—-we all acknowledge some combination of these things every day of our lives, mostly by paying our respects, doing our duty, discharging our obligations, and, unthinkingly, by accepting the limitations imposed on our freedom of thought, word, and deed by the same.

So, from one point of view, we live life with many such “strings attached”.  Lots of us wouldn’t feel comfortable if all the strings were suddenly cut away.  We literally wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves.  Is it only because we have come to define ourselves as being merely the sum total of our strings?

Is it realistic to want to live life with no strings attached?  Is it sane or insane to ask that question?  Aren’t some strings at least somewhat beneficial some of the time?

What are we without our strings?

What were we before we had strings attached?  What were our capabilities?

Have you ever thought about yourself in this way?


Playing Chess With No Kings

How do we win the  “game of life?”

Is it by dying with the most toys?  If we can’t take it with us, why waste time in frantic acquisition?

Is it by serving some deity who, usually described as omnipotent, is therefore not in need of our service or anything else we might offer?  Why bother?

Is life a sort of school?  If so, why must we attend?  Who’s teaching what?  Do we “win” by graduating?  Then what?

Is the game of life unwinnable because life is no game, but merely a meaningless succession of sunrises and sunsets in which we find ourselves trapped, with no idea how we got here, how we are to use our time, or what will become of us when our days end?

Does it sometimes seem that nothing in life makes any sense, and that we’re all doing something ultimately purposeless, like playing chess with the kings removed from the board?

We all like to feel that we’re “in control” of life and that we’re “getting somewhere”, but is that ever true?

If the answer to that question is “no”, then what?  Do we relax and enjoy life, or do we freak out and redouble our efforts to assert control and to “get somewhere”?

What do you think?